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My boyfriends a Porn star and a shit bag.
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Disappointed in Family by justmebitchin16 - December 29th, 2016 09:19:41 PM
I am not sure why his family acts the way they do, one child is the golden child who can do no wrong and is perfect in every way, so they think...they want to look down on me because I am divorced, but this golden child is on their third marriage. My spouse was very sick over the past few months and only the elderly parents came by to visit, oh, excuse me, the sibling came by once, for about 2 minutes, Then the holidays roll around, there was NOTHING my spouse could eat being served. They are on a special diet, low sodium, low cal, low carb, no sugar, and all they had was gravy, potatoes, stuffing, rolls, cakes, desserts and glazed ham...ummm.....okay, read me the riot act and make sure it all falls on my shoulders that my spouse eats right, but then when the family gets together let's make sure that person has nothing they can eat and then treat them like shit for not eating...its crazy...I wish they could see things through our perspective...just once...

Last Edited: 2016-12-29 19:50:29

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