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My boyfriends a Porn star and a shit bag.
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Rant about being fucking self employed by FUPOC - July 28th, 2015 09:33:24 AM
So i own and run this Post Office in the UK in my crappy little village. All the customers are fucking twats. All the shit I have to listen to every day about the fucking weather and the price of stamps, honestly I just want to lamp them. Fucking idiots. Then they can't put their PIN in or get their fucking cards in the machine. Knobheads. Or they want me to just put a bit of tape on their envelope. Like they don't have tape at home lazy fuckers. One just paid fucking ?3.60 council rent then drew out ?400. ?400! Wanker. And there is no money in this I work like a dog and contrary to what you're probably thinking I am the epitome of the helpful polite subpostmistress, but I'm earning under the minimum wage so is my other half. They all come in telling me about their holidays. FUCK OFF! The last day I had off was October 2014, can't they see I'm here every fucking day being nice to them, can't they use a bit of common and be tactful? Wankers. Have been trying to sell this shithole for three years and noone is stupid enough to buy it so I am stuck here indefinately. Post Office Ltd are a bunch of wankers too, no help for anything, no support or holiday pay or allowances for life being a total cunt. If I could burn this place down I would. Wankers.

 sighmeupforthat - February 28th, 2016 07:30:23 PM
wow, this should go viral then you'll appreciate being self employed.


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